Exterior Stucco Finishes

For All Exterior Stucco Repairs & Features

At A&M Stucco Creations, we specialize in stucco repairs and restoration as well as new stucco to small additions, garages, and outdoor features such as BBQs and garden walls. See below the different stucco finishes and techniques available.

exterior limestone plaster bbq

Limestone Plaster

We are certified installers of Tuscan Stoneworx limestone coatings. Choose from a variety of colours and textures ranging from contemporary concrete to old-world Tuscan. Limestone plaster can be applied as both an exterior or interior finish. It is incredibly durable and a great choice to apply over stucco, plaster, concrete, drywall or over EIFS.

rock dash stucco exterior vancouver


This exterior finish is recognized by its uniform layer of rocks embedded in the wall. There are many styles, colours of aggregates (rocks) and backgrounds available. When combined, a very unique finish is the result. It can also be painted if desired. Rock-dash is one of the most popular stucco finishes in Vancouver because of its durability and aesthetic.

slop dash vancouver plaster


Many of the older homes in Vancouver still have their original slop-dash finish. Due to the popularity of heritage-style homes here, this exterior finish continues to be frequently requested to fit the character of the neighbourhood. A mixture of stucco and rock is applied all at once to achieve this heritage-style look.

exterior traditional stucco

Traditional Exterior Plaster

Hand-finished textures including knockdown, lace, Spanish, and sand float are just some of the traditional finishes that we can provide. If you have something specific in mind or if you are looking for something unique, be sure to contact our team to discuss all your exterior options.

traditional exterior mouldings

Exterior Decorative Mouldings

We are certified installers of Tuscan Stoneworx, allowing us to apply light-weight limestone columns, cornice, keystones, and cornerstones. This includes windowsills and trims which go well with limestone plaster walls. If you are interested in special details for interior or exterior that will make your home really stand out, talk to us about decorative moulding options.

exterior acrylic


Acrylic is a synthetic material that is applied as a finish coat on stucco or EIFS and can be finished in a variety of textures and colours. Most commonly in Vancouver, it is seen smooth and coloured with a sand-like texture but there are many speciality finishes available. Give us a call to discuss your exterior Acrylic options.