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Exterior Stucco Repairs& Features in Vancouver, BC

We specialize in a variety of exterior stucco applications, ranging from small repairs and patches to full restoration of panels and the building envelope, and we have years of experience working with the many types of finishes available. Stucco has been and continues to be, an ideal choice for exterior finishes due to its durability, fire resistance, and decorative and ornamental capabilities. A product highly customizable in colours and textures, we are more than happy to put our knowledge of stucco to work, whether it is matching an existing exterior finish or creating a custom outdoor feature.

Our Exterior Stucco Finishes:

Of the several styles of stucco finishes available, we most commonly handle rock dash, slop dash, acrylic, and traditional textured finishes.

Rock-Dash Stucco

One of the most popular stuccoes finishes in Vancouver is rock dash. Rock Dash is recognized by its uniform layer of rocks embedded into the wall. With a variety of colours and sizes available for the rock aggregates as well as options for the style of the background wall, the combination can create a very customizable look.

house in vancouver with rock dash stucco
exterior of a house made with slop dash stucco

Slop-Dash Stucco

Slop dash is usually associated with heritage-style homes, some of which still carry their original materials. In this instance, a mixture of stucco and rock is applied to create a heavier textured look. Synthetic acrylic finishes can create a smoother sand-like appearance seen more often on modern homes but are still customizable in colour and texture. By contrast, textured finishes include more traditional styles commonly seen in Mediterranean-style homes and are finished by hand using tools like a trowel or float.

We also specialized in synthetic acrylic finishes and traditional exterior stucco applications. For a smoother sand-like appearance which is seen more on modern homes, we would recommend a synthetic acrylic finish that is still customizable in colour and texture. By contrast, for textured finishes, we would opt for the traditional stucco application. Textured finishes are commonly seen in Mediterranean-style homes and are finished by hand using tools like a trowel or float. For additional information, you can find more details in our “Exterior Stucco Finishes” page.

From Small Exterior Stucco Repairs & Patches to Full Restoration

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The Application Process of Exterior Stucco:

The application of stucco is a multi-layered process. In order to ensure the best quality work, we will handle all aspects of the stucco repair.

The stucco application process begins with attaching metal flashings to the structure and installing house wrap and rainscreen to prevent any leaking or water damage.

Next, we embark upon the lathing process which has us installing the “framework”, usually a wire mesh, to which the stucco can adhere. Only then can we begin to apply the base coat, or “scratch” coat followed by the brown coat which leaves a level surface.  Give the brown coat time to fully cure, and then we can apply the finishing coat.

Even for the smallest of jobs you can expect at least two to three trips, sometimes more depending on the nature of the job, to complete a stucco repair. We pride ourselves on making sure that every step along the way is completed properly so that you receive the full value of your stucco finish!

traditional stucco application in basement
house in vancouver with a traditional stucco application over eifs

15+ Years of Experience working with Stucco in Vancouver

Patience and skill are a definite must when it comes to stucco repair, that of which our team has plenty of. Depending on the age of the building, it can be quite difficult to source materials that were used during the original build. As with any industry, products change or can be discontinued, so some of our expertise shines when it comes to finding materials that will match in likeness. An even more unique challenge is to match the work of another plasterer. Stucco is a hand-applied technique and thus every artisan has its own style in the application. Our experience paired with a keen eye for detail ensures quality with every match and repair.

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From Exterior Stucco Repairs to New Stucco Application

Most commonly, repairs will be done around a window or door that has needed replacement. We also specialize in repairing stucco around areas affected by leaks or water damage and, as mentioned, will put the proper provisions in place to ensure similar damage does not occur again.

Our new stucco applications are best suited towards smaller spaces such as garages and new home additions as opposed to entire facades. However, the most exciting opportunities for new stucco applications can be seen in custom spaces such as outdoor kitchens or barbecue and fire pits, as well as retaining walls in gardens and landscape features.

exterior bbq made with limestone plaster in vancouver

So whether you’re looking to match existing areas in and outside the home or create something totally unique with stucco, trust us to make that vision come to life! A&M Stucco Creations is more than happy to provide a free estimate for your exterior stucco repair or new stucco application. To showcase our expertise, you can also find photographs of our previous projects in our gallery or Instagram profile (@amstuccocreations).

Do not hesitate to request a quote, give us a ring, or shoot over an email, we cannot wait to collaborate!