grey lime paint for feature wall in the living room area

Lime Painting Service

Lime paint is the unique & affordable way to highlight the walls and ceilings of your house!

If you’re seeking a finish similar to that of lime plaster but on a budget or short on time, then lime-based paint may be the solution! Similar in makeup to lime plaster but applied like paint, limewash paint is much simpler to apply while still maintaining many of the decorative and protective qualities of limestone plaster.

What is Lime Paint/Limewash?

Lime Paint is an interior and exterior medium, capable of being applied to nearly any substrate with the proper preparation. The visual result of opting for lime paint is a soft and inviting matte finish that can highlight the movement of the brushstrokes. It can also serve to fill in minor cracks in the plaster due to shrinkage and to even out any blemishes that might exist in the wall.

Limewash paint exists in a variety of colours to suit any aesthetic. Natural lime-fast pigments such as burnt yellows, reds and browns evoke a sense of being closer to the earth, synthetic pigments can be added to create more vibrant striking colour palettes according to the design’s demand.

lime painting example of dark tones

Considering Lime wash painting to enhance your house?

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What Makes Lime Paint Special?

Like lime plaster, lime paint is vapour permeable meaning that it allows moisture to move throughout the material as if the building is ‘breathing’. Conversely, latex and acrylic paints are usually non-permeable so that they tend to trap moisture within the substrate, promoting an environment susceptible to mould and fungal growth.

Modern paints can also be inherently toxic, proven to emit volatile organic compounds that are responsible for a variety of health issues. Lime-based paints are the opposite as they emit no VOCs and are practically odourless. Their natural components also allow the lime paint to be resistant to fading from UV light exposure. Therefore a natural lime paint is a superior option over typical synthetic paints when taking into consideration the health of the building and of the individual.

Lime paint for a bathroom wall

Like a standard paint, limewash paint consists of three elements: a binder, which is the lime, clean water as its carrier, or solvent, and any added pigment, either natural or synthetic, for a pop or wash of colour. Lime paint is runnier in consistency than ordinary paint so we take extra special care when applying the material. It is applied in a series of several thin coats, each building upon the next in order to build the strength of the material and to create depth of colour.

What is the Difference between Lime Paint & Lime Plaster?

Because it is a paint, it will not necessarily have the texture to the touch like some lime plaster finishes and other interior plaster finishes. Lime paint finishes with a matte, velvety touch but can still evoke similar visual qualities of those finishes. Unique because it can be suited towards any aesthetic, traditional or contemporary, lime paint can emulate such styles as an industrial concrete look, the cloud-like subtle movement of Tadelakt, or a Mediterranean finish.

An incredibly beautiful yet accessible finish, lime paint is an affordable and unique way to highlight the walls and ceilings of a space. Beneficial to the structure and to its inhabitants, it is by far superior to ordinary standard paints for its non-toxicity and breathability. Versatile in application and customizable in colour, consider limewash paint for your next design project!

grey lime paint for feature wall in the living room area

A&M Stucco Creations is more than happy to provide examples of the many ways lime paint can be used at our Vancouver showroom. You can also find photographs of our previous projects in our gallery or Instagram profile (@amstuccocreations). And of course, do not hesitate to request a quote, give us a ring, or shoot over an email, we cannot wait to collaborate!