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Limestone Coating in Vancouver, BC

The most versatile product that we work with is limestone plaster. Its use can vary between interior and exterior settings, most commonly for walls ceilings, but can also be used on floors, vanities, countertops, bathrooms, and showers. It is a plaster product based on pure limestone with the incorporation of special additives that give it strength and longevity.

Versatility & Durability

Limestone is a popular choice for high-traffic areas throughout the house, office, or shop space, given its durability. When used in conjunction with Exterior Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS) it can provide additional protection against common damage caused by animals such as woodpeckers, as well as resistance to any accidental damage done by human error.

Limestone plaster’s versatility lies not only in the many surfaces on which it can be applied and its durability but also in the range of different colours and textures the finishes can offer.

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frieplace surround made of limestone

At A&M Stucco Creations, we mix in natural pigments and dyes to create customized colours suited to your space and use either machine sanders or hand-finishing techniques to bring out the movement and texture of the material.

One of our favourite ways to finish limestone plaster is to create a smooth honed stone appearance, akin to that of polished rock. Limestone plaster has the ability to emulate anything from stacked concrete blocks to weathered stone, from antique textures to contemporary matte finishes. Whether the aim is to have a stand-out feature or to elevate the space, limestone plaster finishes can provide exciting options in fulfilling your unique custom look.

With Limestone Plaster, You Get Durability & Versatility.

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Qualities of Limestone Plaster

An extraordinary quality to limestone plaster is its ability to be cast into mouldings to create stunning 3D features that give the appearance of stone without the weight. Popular applications include fireplace mantels and surrounds, window sills, and architectural elements such as keystones, cornices, cornerstones, and columns.

When installed correctly, limestone mouldings can function and look as if they were carved out of actual stone. In actuality, these decorative mouldings are based on reinforced foam cores and then installed according to methods that have been scientifically tested to withstand wear, tear, and the elements.

Certified Installers of Tuscan Stoneworx Plaster

As certified installers of limestone mouldings created by Tuscan Stoneworx Canada, we can help complete your vision for your exterior facade, custom fireplace, or shopfront.

Given its multiple practical and creative qualities, limestone plaster provides an excellent opportunity for homeowners, designers and architects to play around with both modern and traditional designs. Whether you’re wanting to create an eye-catching standout feature or have the material dictate the feel of the space, our expertise and experience will help you achieve that vision.

gray plaster walls in a living room in vancouver

A&M Stucco Creations is more than happy to provide examples of the many ways limestone plaster can be used at our Vancouver showroom. You can also find photographs of our previous projects in our gallery or Instagram profile (@amstuccocreations). And of course, do not hesitate to request a quote, give us a ring, or shoot over an email, we cannot wait to collaborate!