Interior Plaster Finishes

Plaster is a great interior choice for your interior walls, fireplaces and even bathrooms.

Achieve anything from simple smooth walls to elegant and timeless styles seen in thousand-year-old historical structures with our plaster interior finishes.

We specialize in residential plaster services. Depending on your project, budget, and most importantly your design objectives, we will help you figure out which of our plaster finishes mentioned below is better for your fireplace, bathroom, walls, ceiling, kitchen, or any room in your home.

bathroom limestone plaster

Choose from a variety of colours and textures ranging from stone-like polished to old-world distressed. It is incredibly durable. Feel confident in placing it in high traffic areas without the fear of damage. Limestone plaster can be polished and smooth to create elegant feature walls or distressed to give your home that Tuscan look. It is a great choice for accent walls, fireplaces, over mouldings or to create brick and stone effect.  As plaster contractors, we are certified installers of Tuscan Stoneworx limestone plaster.

venetian plaster fireplaces

Venetian plaster is a natural lime plaster from Italy that contains marble dust. As experienced residential plaster providers, we can leave Venetian plaster rugged and textured or shiny and highly polished, resembling marble (but without the weight). Venetian plaster is eco-friendly, breathable, & mould resistant. Pigments can be added to the plaster to create unique colour patterns. Some paint brands will try to simulate this plaster but the real material is made from lime and marble.  It can be used for any interior or exterior wall plaster finish or even for your fireplace.

veneer interior plaster

Veneer Plaster

Veneer plaster is a skim coat plaster that can be used in one or two coat applications over properly prepared drywall or concrete. This interior plaster finish provides a hard and smooth surface that is more resistant to scuffing, denting, and abrasion than drywall taping.  The application of veneer plaster does not involve sanding. This makes it a great option for renovating your home when you want to avoid all that dust. Venner plaster is also a great way to easily make your old textured walls smooth and modern looking.

tadelakt fireplaces

Tadelakt plaster is a beautiful lime-based plaster. With origin in Morocco, it is commonly seen on Moroccan palaces, hammams (steam rooms), and bathrooms. This plaster can be used for interior wall plaster finishes or even for exterior walls.  Tadelakt is a waterproof plaster commonly used in baths and sinks. Its water repellent yet breathable properties make it a popular choice for plastering bathrooms. Choose from polished or matte.  Either way, it will be a stunning and functional addition to your home.

mouldings services

Decorative Mouldings

Columns, cornice, keystones and cornerstones can be formed and applied using traditional methods or installed using reinforced foam shapes. Interested in special details for interior or exterior wall plaster finishes that will make your home really stand out? Give us a call and ask about decorative moulding options.

interior traditional plaster finishes

Traditional Interior Plaster

Traditional interior plaster is used to create a smooth or textured hard surface. With traditional plastering, you apply a three-coat system over lath or block. This method has traditionally been used for thousands of years to create thick solid walls with great sound-proofing and fireproofing qualities.

veneer and limestone repairs

Plaster Restoration

Keep your old plaster walls and finishings by allowing us to repair and revitalize it. Talk to us to see what your plaster restoration options are. We will make sure to make your old plaster looks new and stylish. Contact us for any type of plaster finish restoration or repair service.