Interior and Exterior Plaster & Stucco Repair Services

As experienced plaster contractors in Vancouver, we provide exterior and interior plaster finishes services. We pride ourselves on being versatile, specializing in a number of different plaster and stucco techniques.

Our Specialties

Stucco and plaster have been used for thousands of years. Both stucco and plaster are an excellent choice for any style or finish you desire for your home. Durability, fireproofing, and its decorative and ornamental capabilities are just some of the qualities that make stucco and plaster so popular. Depending on your concept, we can provide you with a variety of options to bring your design to life. We can upgrade and stylize your fireplace, add a show-stopping feature wall or ceiling or even renovate your bathroom!

Interior Plaster Finishes

From gypsum to lime-based products, we offer a variety of interior plaster finishes including Limestone Plaster and Venetian Plaster. With our artisan plaster finishes, we are able to achieve the grand, elegant, and timeless styles of thousand-year-old historical structures found throughout the world. Our plaster contractors will help you decide which plaster finish is best for your project.

More Information

Stucco Repairs & Features

We take care of all stucco or plaster repairs from major renovations and additions to simple window changes and other minor repairs. Our knowledge and experience as stucco contractors allow us to easily match a variety of different finishes. We specialize in slop-dash, rock-dash, limestone, and traditional exterior stucco techniques.


Looking for an energy-efficient exterior option? An eco-efficient cladding system can lower your heating and cooling costs while still being aesthetically pleasing. Talk to us about EIFS.